Combustion analyzers



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Residential Combustion Analyzer Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus

Features & Benefits:
• Includes exclusive Tune-Rite™ On-Demand HVAC Assistant
• Vibrant, full-color display shows easy-to-read, real-time analysis
• Fast and accurate O2, CO (0-4,000 ppm), T-stack/air temperature and draft/pressure measurements
• 9 pre-programmed, user-selectable fuels (+2 custom)
• Print stored data (100 records) and data download via USB with Fyrite® User Software

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Residential Combustion
Analyzer Fyrite® InTech®

Features & Benefits:
•  “Plug-n-play” B-Smart® pre-calibrated CO sensor enables simple in-field replacement, reducing instrument down-time and providing low cost of ownership.
• Easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD display with
backlighting and adjustable font size
• Direct measurement of O2, CO (0-2,000 ppm),
stack, ambient and combustion air temperatures
• Calculated measurement of combustion
efficiency, CO2, CO (air free) and excess air


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Portable Combustion Analyzer PCA®3

Features & Benefits:
• Full color, multilingual graphic display with
backlighting, zoom display and dimming mode

• Sturdy metal gas and draft connectors

• Measures up to 4 gases simultaneously

• Exclusive B-Smart® field-replaceable sensors
reduces downtime and calibration costs

• Ten different fuels – ability to load custom fuels

• Automatic CO over-range protection